Is strategic execution lost within your business?

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Since 1869, it has been known that success in strategy execution depends on minimizing three gaps. ADVANCE is the only tool in the world designed to help you do exactly that, by…

  • Being clear about expected outcomes: each individual has a set of measures for all to see
  • Keeping your team and organization as aligned as possible, not only in plans but also during execution
  • Tracking outcomes and effort together against the strategic plan, minimizing gaps in knowledge


There’s a phrase in the military that “no plan survives contact with the enemy“. Building a good, aligned strategic plan is vital to start but without tight discipline in execution no plan will be good enough. Often in business we build detailed plans then put them in a drawer and review them at the end of the year (if you don’t, you can probably name the colleagues who do). This may be fine for personal appraisals, but at scale a lot of value can be lost. Advance cuts through the clutter, enabling you to constantly track activities and performance against the strategic plan, reminding you where gaps may be forming so that you can close them quickly.


Strategic plans are often difficult or time-consuming to maintain. Creating or maintaining a presentation deck every month takes time better spent on more strategic activities. That is even before finding the time to implement the actual changes to the plan.

The Advance Dashboard significantly reduces that burden through reporting by exception – only reporting on course-corrections to your plan. This speeds up the planning-tracking loop, enabling faster decision-making and collective corrective action.


You probably already have too many software tools. Or a few large, enterprise suites that are not fully fit for purpose: great at some things, and barely adequate at others. Advance Dashboard is not another system brick, it is a simple tool between your existing bricks, designed to extract and present only the most salient information to drive strategic performance. It intersects your process-oriented tools, that track your business performance, and your task-oriented tools, that track your people’s performance. And you can deploy it now, not in weeks or months.

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Takes a complex strategy and
breaks it down so simply. Excellent!

Abigail Bennett
Manufacturing Excellence Leader, Outokumpu

“The tool has been the centerpiece of our group’s transformation as it delivered transparency around the priorities.”

Franklyn Butler
CEO, Cable Bahamas

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